Mothers in a Dangerous Time

4 min readOct 12, 2023

I remember the days before becoming a mom when I used to hear of tragedies and nightmares happening from across the globe and I would think to myself “my god… how awful…” and then afterwards I would carry on with my day without much more of an emotional response, to be totally honest. Of course it would have an impact on me emotionally, but I was always able to separate myself from the darkness of the evils and the wars that were raging in other parts of the world, and in a way I guess I must have lacked an understanding of what true empathy was for all the mothers who had lost their children in the crossfires or frontlines in these tragic scenarios since I was never truly able to put myself in their shoes before knowing what it was actually like to be a mom, and love someone so purely, to be so protective of that love.

The recent happenings in the Middle East, however, specifically the brutal attacks on the civilian’s and innocent families in Israel that have destroyed entire communities, shattering them into bloody pieces and ripping apart loved ones in the most savage and brutal of ways, is unbearable to think about as a mother. I can’t help but picture this happening to my own child when I read about it in the news. The details of these dark attacks linger in my mind which cause intrusive thoughts and ignite a physical reaction within my body. It’s fair to say these attacks are unique and unlike others I have read about in my lifetime, and they bare resemblance to horrendous things I have only learned about in history books. A history that I think we all prayed was behind us. So barbaric, so heartless, so coldblooded. A proud display of a complete lack of regard for humanity. These savages are not human who are carrying out these attacks. They are terrorists.

The ways in which these acts of terrorism are being carried out with innocent women and children being the targets of such hatred are so heart-wrenching, disturbing and traumatic to learn about. The images of the attacks online are keeping me awake at night, making me afraid for the future and for the world that we are living in. If this can happen now, in current times when social media gives us front row seats to the carnage while dangling information in front of our eyes, it can literally happen at any time, in any place, which has me scared to death for my family and should have others scared, too.

This isn’t a political problem, this is a humanitarian problem.

The sheer terror that these mothers must feel knowing that they have no chance of protecting their children. Unprovoking innocent families destroyed in seconds. Generations that were heartlessly cut short. Children that were simply existing in their homes, a place that was meant to be safe with walls surrounding them for protection, or so they thought. My heart sobs for the mothers who saw their doors being kicked-in, knowing the only chance of protecting their children was to shield them using their own bodies, what any loving mother would do, only coming to the realization that they would be forced to leave their vulnerable children behind in the hands of monsters after they take their final breaths. These are devastating images that will never leave my mind, and that will haunt me for my lifetime. I cannot even begin to fathom what this would be like as a mother. These are the harsh realities regarding the truths of what we know, just imagine what we don’t know. And those who somehow condone this barbaric behavior, justifying it as if it were “tit-for-tat”, are equally as evil as those carrying it out.

I am so unbelievably and unequivocally sorry to everyone and anyone who is suffering right now because of these heinous and tragic crimes caused by these shameful cowards, but my heart especially goes out to all of the women and their children who have suffered at these evil hands, both those who are alive now and those who have passed over. I pray to the universe for the healing of your spirits.

No one should ever have to suffer this way. Ever.

I pray for the families that have been torn apart because of this tragedy, and those who are still searching and waiting for answers. I hope that the savages who are responsible for these crimes have to face their truths very soon.

I send my unconditional love to all of the children who have crossed over to the other side and wish their spirits peace, and to those who are suffering now. I pray your suffering ends peacefully and quickly.

I wish I could hug every mother who has had to go through losing a child.

This is not how the Universe intended for us to be, humankind. This is not how it was supposed to be.




34 year old Canadian, living abroad in Mexico. These are my stories before, during, and after becoming a mom.